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Home Workouts & Games
Renew your workouts in a fun way

JRun Sensor

Design for treadmill & cardio workouts
Make home workouts easy and fun

JBike Cycling Sensor

A new indoor cycling workout
Upgrade your exercise bike

JRun Sensor

Gain more strength to move on
Give another chance for home workouts

JMate Boxing Band

Boxing exercise at home
A heart rate monitor with JBike & JRun

Sports Game Device

A completely new experience

Expansion of your experience

Keep launching new features & services

Your heart rate monitor

Now you can measure your heart rate with the JMate Boxing Band while using JBike/ JRun for riding or running.

Daily Events

You can always find people race and play with you. Enrolled the daily events, making your workout routine easy and fun.

Special Event

Time to collect the special reward while workout at home. There have many surprises waiting for you to explore.

Cardio workout - Step exercise

A new cardio workout is available now. Using your stepper. Let's sweat with full-body workouts.

New scenes updated

Welcome to Gondola Plaza, the new map for your indoor cycling, running, jogging, and walking at home.

Next update - Muay Thai

All you need is our JRun and JMate. Two devices together and you can into Thai boxing mode. New way to enjoy the boxing exercise at home.

JBike Sensor

A new sports game for indoor cycling. For your exercise bikes, recumbent bikes workout at home.

Tracking workout data - calories, distance, speed and altitude.

Enjoy indoor cycling with friends & users from all over the world.

Create or join the race, playing at home anytime anywhere.

JRun Sensor

For your treadmill, elliptical, and cardio workouts. Specially designed to burn calories efficiently.

Tracking workout data - calories, speed, distance and total step.  

Enjoy cardio workouts with friends and users from all over the world.

Create or join the race, playing at home anytime anywhere.

JMate Sensor

Exciting boxing game start from now
Playing at home with your friends or global players at any time.

Improve workout performance

Go with JBike / JRun. Tracking your exercise heart rate.

Online boxing game

Start boxing game with friends, family & online players. Enjoy playing game at home.

Tracking workout

Tracks your every workout. Shows your heart rate, calories, and boxing activity details.

Step counter

Tracking steps and calories for daily moves. Saved the steps on the Jacfit app and transfer to jcoin.

Tracking workouts & Analyze boxing exercise performance.

Self-training / 1 on 1 boxing game. Teamwork boss fight - Up to 8 users.

Record your exercise heart rate & calories on each boxing games.

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Cast screen to TV

- Use an HDMI cable & adapter to cast your phone / tablet to TV.
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