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2021 JACFIT Tournament

More info, Follow us


Magical Color Festival


Do you wanna be fancy like a star?


Following our IG or FB to get the different

Shining Rings.

IG: Mist Light Rings (Red)

FB: Ice Crystal Light Rings (Blue)





Share gaming pics on IG or FB and message usthe screenshot of the post & your ID to get the Glory Wheels!

(Share different pics, get more outfits. At most 3 posts.)

1st post: Shooting Stars Wheels (Green)

2nd post: Lightening Wheels (Blue)

3rd post: Raging Fire Wheels (Red)

Remember to tag us on your post,

in case we missed your message.

We’ll unlock the outfits every Tuesday.

JACFIT Winter Challenge

Too cold to go out for cycling?

Worrying about eating too much turkey

and Christmas cupcakes?

From now on, just follow our fitness challenge goal and

you can get the Coolest Pets


100km (62 mi) Naughty Husky

200km (124 mi) Elegant Leopard

300km (186 mi) Dancing Elf

400km (248 mi) Fantasy Unicorn

500km (310 mi) Ferocious Dragon

We will announce the player list on our FB every Thursday,

and unlock the pets on the next day.