AIoT Technology

Through AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things)-enabled technology, it upgrades your daily workout with a video game twist! It makes exercise easy and appealing for everyone.

In-app Voice Chat

It allows you to race with your friends anytime you want! There’s also a voice chat feature that you can use to motivate and cheer each other on!

Easy Phone &
Tracker Pairing

Worried about cycling in traffic? With the JB101, you can explore worlds made for training and riding without leaving your home, simply by connecting your tracker to the app.

3 Unique Maps
& Customization

The JB101 gives you a unique experience through over 3 track options and avatar customization. Switch out your bike accessories as many times or as often as you like.

1 Time

No subscription needed! You just need to make a one-time payment and you’d be on your way to getting fit!