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JBIKE Cycling Sensor

a new cycling life with video game

Get motivated every day

You don't need to be professional

-all you need is our cycling sensor and get moving-

Your Best Cycling Partner

let us bring out the best value of your bike

-One sensor wide usage-

with free JACFIT app




Compete with different people across the globe.

Create the tournament to compete with players all over the world.

Schedule a private party for working out with friends and family.

Enjoy anytime

Your Fitness Diary

Track data, capture real-time cycling speed, distance, altitude, power and calories.

You can upload your fitness data on Strava or share your gaming pics on the socials.

Experience virtual cycling game

Different ways to enjoy the game

Download the app on your mobile phone or tablet. For sure, you can screen mirror to TV.


Outdoor mode

Voice chat function

Home alone But not alone

Endless fun, Endless challenges

More scenes and outfits are waiting for you to explore

Design for all of you

Easy to install on any bikes

For spin bike

  • Sensor is mounted on the stationary bike.
  • Magnets are attached to the weighted flywheel.

For upright bike & Recumbent bike & Air Bike

  • Sensor is attached to the stationary crank arm.
  • Magnets are attached to the outside mechanism close to the sensor.

For bike

  • Sensor is attached on the chain stay.
  • Magnet is attached on wheel spoke.

You can install JBike device on the bike with a bike trainer stand for indoor gaming or turn to an outdoor mode for riding outside.

WHY JBIKE cycling sensor

  • No monthly fee

  • update gaming scenes regularly

  • Flexible usage

  • Friendly design for everyone 

  • Affordable price for sport accessories

What's inside the box