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Sports Tech Brand combines a Gaming Device that aim to twist traditional exercises.

Buy a device,Enjoy forever

Compete with global players on our tournament

No monthly fee,No rely on third party

RECORD your FITNESS DATA as Fitness Diary

JBIKE cycling sensor

Designed for your exercise bikes (indoor) and outdoor bikes

It’s compatible with any bikes

Easy to install


Enjoyment Experience

Get apps from Google play & IOS (Mobile & Tablet)

You can cast your screen to the projector/Television.

Be a part of our community

"It’s too cold to ride my bicycle outside."

I can now enjoy cycling at home using Jacfit. An amazing FREE app for an Indoor gaming which totally the best part.

Not only I’m interesting this product but also found few of my friends also join! I can’t wait for the tournament to start now and win Prizes!

"Jacfit rebuild my confidence and feel good about myself."

I want to get fit but lack the motivation to exercise.

But the situation has been changed after I used Jacfit. Never in my life did I believe that I could keep exercise and not tried at all!

I lost 11 pounds in a week without dieting!

"Jacfit Makes me fall in love with my spin bike."

My children are all grown up and move out of the house. I have no mood to exercise outside during pandemic time.

Jacfit makes me not only for exercising at home but I also met different players on it and we race & chat together.

I have achieved a higher level which earned a sweet pet by my side.

"Now my son is not bored and want to continue cycling using jacfit."

In this pandemic time, kids are not allowed to go outside during lockdown.
But I have Jacfit which allowed my son doing indoor cycling and chat with his friends in the game. And He loves it.

Endless fun, endless challenges


Bring Motivation

Build your own gym

Making Life Better