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Warranty Policy

Congratulations on your first JACFIT purchase! Your product is covered under ONE YEAR warranty from the date of purchase. Should any defects arise from your JACFIT product, please see the terms below if you qualify for REPAIR or REPLACEMENT:

Warranty service

  • JACFIT provides free repair or replacement for products for a period of ONE YEAR.
  • All products are limited to repair or replacement of any product found to have manufacturing defects under this limited warranty. The warranty does not apply to damages resulting from but not limited to the following:
    1. Improper use
    2. Rough and/or careless treatment
    3. Installation errors
    4. Accidents
    5. Abuse and misuse
    6. Floods, fires, and natural calamities
    7. Improper, unauthorized repair.
  • The warranty does not cover: consumable parts such as batteries.
  • This warranty does not cover products where the JACFIT serial number or any branded component have been damaged or removed.
  • Claims requested by customers are required to present the following: Proof of purchase
  • Due to the limited amount of spare parts in our inventory, we may not be able to repair or replace your product.
  • Should defects arise after the warranty period, JACFIT will provide a discount for replacement or upgrade, provided that issues are manufacturing defects.
  • Please deliver your defective product to the store where you purchased the product, or email us at support@jacfit.com

Online Auction Purchases

Products purchased through online auctions are not eligible for rebates or other special offers from JACFIT warranty coverage. Online auction confirmations are not accepted for warranty verification. To obtain warranty service, an original or copy of the sales receipt from the original retailer is required. JACFIT will not replace missing components from any package purchased through an online auction.