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Gear Up, Get Active
Always Go The Extra Mile!

No fun alone when you are going through cardio exercise
but we've found a new way can keep you motivated and excited.

JACFIT is a Sports Tech Brand that aims to add a video game twist to traditional exercise.

Our goal is to motivate every person we come
across to get up, get moving and change to a healthier lifestyle.


We aim to help you to find joy in working out while keep in touch with your loved ones.


We connect people around the globe through motion.


We are committed to enhancing traditional exercise with a fun gamified approach.


We are passionate about building a community that moves together and feels good doing it.

Using AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things)-enabled technology, JACFIT is continuously finding ways to make exercise a digital and social experience.

We've designed products that you can use in the comfort of your own home while still keeping in touch with everyone.