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JB101 Installation for Bike

JB101 Installation for Upright/Recumbent bike

JB101 Installation for Spin bike

How can I confirm the JBIKE sensor is successfully installed?

Align the sensor and the magnet then check if they are 5mm away from each other, and the LED indicator will flash if done correctly.

More information see the video in the bike installation.

Why I need to calibrate speed?

In order to fit your indoor bike, the speed calibration can help your workout data more accurately.



What version of smart phone can support JACFIT app?

Android 8 later、iPhone 7 later

Why I cannot connect my JBIKE device?

Solution 1: Turn on Bluetooth and allow Jacfit to use your location as the first download.

  *The device will turn into sleep mode in 20 seconds automatically. Remember to wake it up and check the connection again.

Solution 2: Check setting on your phone

  1. Go to setting, click Jacfit.
  2. Turn on Bluetooth and allow the location on your phone.
  3. Restart the app and press the gray Bluetooth icon to connect again.

What type of battery can I use in this device?

Battery type: CR2450

Amazon shop: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=CR2450&ref=nb_sb_noss_2

How to use big screen experience JACFIT App?

  Use HDMI cable and adapter for your phone connecting cell screen to TV.

  a. IOS: Apple tv
      Use airplay mirroring smartphone screen to TV.

  b. Andriod: Chromecast
      Download the Chromecast app, and connect to the same Wi-Fi as Chromecast then output your cell screen to TV.


How can I establish a friendship?

Where can I find my workout data?

Click Jacfit >> Profile icon
  Photo1 Profile
  Photo2 Total record
  Photo3 Each race record
  Photo4 Each roaming record

Where can I find the race record?

You can find your each race record in the profile. Once you finished the race, fitness data will automatically record in your profile. Reminder: if you didn’t finish the race, the data won’t be recorded.

Why my roaming data didn’t count in my records?

For roaming, you have to ride over 10 minutes then the system will record your data automatically.

How can I do the voice chat?

All the players need to press the microphone button, as you can see the sign will become blue. Then, you can start the conversation.

What’s different between Roaming、Tournament and Party ?

Features Roaming Tournament Party

Outdoor mode

Riding with random player

Riding with your friends online

Training by yourself

Voice chat

Player limit (8 people)

Reservation time

Kick out the person

Roaming Demo

Tournament Demo

Party Demo