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Indoor cycling & running bundle up to 50% off.
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Get ready to sweat!

Not only for treadmill but also for other workouts!

Use JRun with JMate


Running in place

slow jogging


Use only JMate


Go further!

JRun wear on the ankle, JMate wear on the wrist

Recording your data

Tracking your calories, speed, cadence, pace, distance, time, and real-time heart rate.

How to connect the devices

Download the App

Turn on Bluetooth and location on your phone or tablet

Activate JRun

Shake JRun to wake it up for connection.

Activate JMate

Tap JMate to wake it up for connection.


Both icons should be colored when completed.

Check these steps before starting the game

Check state

Relative icons light up in the top left of lobby.

Set profile

Adjust your height in the profile page. The app will calculate your stride automatically.

Enter scenes

The fitness data and heart icon will lighten up if connected.

Elliptical mode

For an elliptical, please go to settings, system, and step calibration to switch the mode.

Indoor running bundle

JRun+JMate only $78

JRun Tracker

JMate Tracker

The average price of one tracker is $39
*Please add both to the cart or the discount will not apply.



  • Does the Jacfit app have subscription fee?

    The app is FREE! You can get full access to it. Besides, we updating the app regularly with new scenes, avatars, pets, and outfits, ect.

  • Does not pick up steps accurately?

    1. Make sure you connect both the JRun and JMate trackers. You can follow this video.

    2. Set your hight in profile by tapping the pen icon in top center at lobby page, next to your name.

    3. If it is still not accurate, please go to settings, system then step calibration to adjust your step length. You can follow this video below.

  • How to switch to elliptical mode?

    1. Go to settings, switch to system tab.

    2. Tap on step calibration button.

    3. You can switch your exercise mode on top.

    Please note, elliptical mode is only for elliptical workout. For walking or jogging, please choose jogging mode instead.

  • How to upload the data to Strava?

    Your workout records in Jacfit app is compatible with Strava! Here is how you upload your activity from Jacfit to Strava:

    1. In lobby, Tap on note icon on top right.

    2. Choose the exercise records and type you'd love to upload

    3. Tap on Strava icon on right-hand side.

  • Does the app support third-party devices?

    Jacfit app is exclusive and only for products from Jacfit.

  • Can I use the app with a phone or tablet?

    Sure, currently we support iOS and Android. You can get Jacfit app from App Store or Google Play

    * To run the app smoothly, we require a mobile device with at least 4GB RAM.

  • How to turn off the JRun and JMate devices?

    Our products will enter the sleep mode when not in use and placed on a flat for a while. You can wake devices up by tapping or shaking them.

  • Can I share the devices with others?

    You can share the sensors with your household. Create different accounts and take turns to pair with the sensors. Your workout data will be recorded separately by account.

    *One device can only connect to one account at the same time.