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Indoor cycling & running bundle up to 50% off.
Limited stock available! Hurry up!⇀
Indoor cycling & running bundle up to 50% off.
Limited stock available! Hurry up!⇀

Easy way to get moving again

From now on, you don't need to force yourself to exercise. Working out in the Jacfit world, enjoying your healthy life journey.



Indoor cycling games.


Running and body workouts games.


Boxing and Muay Thai games.

and more
coming soon!

It's a sport + game App!

Ever tried exercising & gaming at the same time? Jacfit can do it! A sporty game experience with full access, and it's free!



An online platform where 300,000 people worldwide work out together.


Making an effort to build a community moving together and feeling good doing it.


We are committed to enhancing traditional exercise with a fun, gamified approach.


Without any subscription fee. Constant updating gives you the best experience.


We keep finding ways to make exercise a digital and social experience.
Navigate your personal path to wellness.

More than 1 million users worldwide

  • Jim

    This is where you may just ride on different tracks with other online riders. The best part is that you're on a map with other real people racing beside you.

  • The Cringe Queen

    We just don't get any breaks. You can compete against other players in races. It's just like playing a video game in which you ride a bike.

  • Dima

    Simply enjoy yourself and praise it! This game also has other players, which is nice. It's a very entertaining and engaging program.

  • GiaNina

    It amplifies the enjoyment of indoor riding tenfold. You can ride a bike with friends. Even if it's frigid in many locations, you can still go outside, hang out with friends, or ride your bike!

  • Bradley Nairn

    If you're searching for a fun and challenging workout at home, this is the program for you. I'm sure you'll appreciate it as much as I do. It's difficult, but you'll see the results.

  • Melissa

    It's fantastic. I can tell you that I have people to do this with so that we can compete on the treadmill or anything.

  • KJ

    I'm not sure about you, but I despise exercising. However, this program makes a change to each workout to make it fit. It's a lot of fun:)

  • Sharell May

    If you enjoy exercising outside but are unable to do so constantly, I suggest you to get one. This is a fantastic replacement for it.

  • Brandon Bell

    Playing the boxing game causes you to sweat and raises your heart rate. My favorite mode is boss mode because it puts me to challenge both physically and mentally.

  • Jessica Myrose

    We've made this family gathering and events active in order to create these memories. Have a great time, and I can't wait to break great records and compete on a higher level!